It's a Quick Scooter Ride to UWWM Office from Miami's Central Station

  • The beginning of mediator Bob Zwicky's scooter ride.
  • Mediator Bob Zwicky at his destination, Miami's Upchurch Watson White & Max's Miami office.

Mediator Bob Zwicky recently took a Lyft electric scooter ride from a Brightline train stop at Virgin MiamiCentral to the Upchurch Watson White & Max office in the Biscayne Building (19 West Flagler Street, Suite 420), a 4- to 6- block route. He estimates it would have been a five-minute trip if he hadn't taken a few voluntary detours, just to put the scooter through its paces.

The scooter rents for 29 cents a minute, but Bob invested $6 and took a little tour around the neighborhood. To reserve, you only need to use Lyft's mobile app. He says the ordinance in Miami requires that riders keep to pedestrian walkways and stay out of traffic. You can leave the scooter "anywhere" when your trip is finished, and Lyft will pick it up. As you can see from the photo, Bob arrived in good condition to conduct his mediation. He recommends this mode of transportation to legal colleagues and suggests a cross-body messenger-style bag rather than a briefcase.

In 2020, when UWWM's Miami office will move to One Biscayne Tower, this will become a nine-block ride; still very doable and quicker than a taxi.

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