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We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our firm, our practice areas, and our distinguished panel of neutrals. Collectively, we share hundreds of years of alternative dispute resolution service and stand as one of the oldest fully dedicated ADR firms in the nation. Facilitating reasonable reconciliations to resolve complex civil disputes is our singular mission and purpose, and the members of our firm have served as trailblazers in establishing the processes to achieve that goal.

  • From Jacksonville to Miami -- and in Birmingham -- our welcome mat is always out for you.
  • Five principals present Continuing Mediator Education at Florida State University.
  • UWWM is present at the annual Florida Bar Convention.
  • Cookies are one of the things that make us popular.
  • Each winter, we sponsor at least one golf tournament for local bar associations.
  • Mediator/Arbitrator April Walker presents CLE for attorneys at UWWM 's Maitland office.
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In 1988, the state of Florida took the bold step of statutorily authorizing its trial court judges to procedurally require parties in litigation to participate in mediated settlement negotiations as a condition prerequisite to completing the trial process. The founders of Upchurch Watson White & Max, already heavily involved in the Florida trial court arena as judges and practitioners, embraced the new “court annexed mediation” initiative and rapidly became statewide leaders in the emerging alternative dispute resolution movement. Among the first mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court that year, they became deeply involved in Court Committees developing procedural rules, ethical standards, and training guidelines. As their own level of experience grew with rapidly increasing caseloads, the firm’s principals also developed and administered private training programs which both increased the base of Florida mediators and helped spread the practice throughout the United States. Over 8000 mediators have now been certified in Florida where mediation has become a cornerstone in the state judicial system and Upchurch Watson White & Max is still recognized as a leader in the movement.

Indeed, Upchurch Watson White & Max mediators today enjoy a robust practice not only in Florida, but throughout the southeastern United States and nationwide. In addition to mediation, firm members provide a full range of dispute resolution services including system design, dispute review board functions, arbitration, special master, magistrate, and private judging. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your clients in any capacity required to reach a reasonable reconciliation to resolve dispute.

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What People Are Saying

Please let Mr. (Jeff) Fleming know that I thought he was terrific, and I felt blessed to have received a prior judge as our mediator. He gave me great confidence, and restored my faith in the judicial process.

- A Mediation Participant

Dear Don (Weidner), the pleasure was truly mine. We were very impressed with your history and your manner, and that you made it happen; we truly didn’t think (Party 1) and (Party 2) would ever agree to anything! But you made it work and we are eternally grateful, my friend. If you come to Orlando and have some time, maybe (my wife) and I can take you and your wife to dinner. It would be our pleasure!

Kind regards,

- An Orlando Attorney

Mr. (Lawrence) Kolin has been very effective in every mediation I've attended with him. We've managed to achieve settlement with all parties walking away, if not exactly happy, not unhappy. He treats all participants with respect and understands the issues presented quickly. His extensive experience in civil litigation allows him to assist the parties in identifying issues. I highly recommend him as a mediator.

- An Orlando Attorney

I wanted to thank you for your great work yesterday in a difficult case.  I now know why you have the reputation as the best mediator in South Florida.  Now that I know you travel, I will keep that in mind. (sent to Rodney Max)

- A Philadelphia Attorney

Dear Rod (Max): I can’t tell you how impressed I am (always) with your skills, empathy and most of all tenacity. I can’t thank you enough for staying on top of this for an extended time. … I can only tell you that you are simply the very best at what you do. Thanks again!

- A Miami Attorney

I can see why you are one of the top mediators in the state.  I will definitely be contacting you in the future for my more large-scale cases.

- A South Florida Attorney

I was quite impressed with Lawrence Kolin's skill, energy, and effort in bringing our case to a resolution. I did not think it was possible to settle short of litigation. In fact before yesterday I would have said it was impossible. Thanks.

- A Central Florida Attorney

Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and helping us to resolve this matter.

- A Coral Gables Attorney

I have selected and used Lawrence Kolin as a mediator on several lawsuits. He has an excellent ability to quickly analyze and digest complex legal and factual issues, find the common ground between parties, and persuasively negotiate a resolution. I highly recommend Lawrence as a mediator in any lawsuit, but, in particular, in commercial litigation.

- An Orlando Attorney

This mediator did not give up on a difficult and protracted litigation with stubborn CEOs. His incisive questions on key issues helped bring about a resolution before what would have been an expensive trial in the complex business litigation division or Business Court. I will surely use Lawrence Kolin again to achieve settlements in tough cases.

- A Central Florida Attorney

Kim (Sands),

I wanted to again thank you for the incredible task and endurance in dealing with such a difficult plaintiff.

It truly was an amazing feat that many were not able to accomplish. Your resiliency and experience steered Plaintiff out of the “unreasonable hemisphere”.

- Senior Litigation Claim Examiner

I have used Lawrence (Kolin) as a mediator in commercial cases on several occasions, and he is excellent. He does his homework ahead of time (when given the materials by counsel), quickly identifies the issues and sizes up the parties and how they should be approached in a manner that will facilitate settlement.

- A Central Florida Attorney

Rod (Max),

I hope you're well. I've been bragging on your ability to get difficult cases resolved. My partner is in need of a mediation involving a significant pressure injury. I told him about our prior experience getting similar cases resolved. He will be reaching out shortly to check availability.

- A New York Attorney

To Birmingham Case Manager Alex Wilson:

Thank you for your hospitality last Thursday.   You were the most gracious person and really made the time that I spent there comfortable even though the circumstances were difficult.

Your personality and willingness to make sure everything was running smoothly was appreciated.  I don’t remember the other lady’s name who was assisting you but do tell her I extend my appreciation to her as well.

Marty and the rest of the firm should be proud to have you on their team.

- Plaintiff in a very difficult case

To Mediator Marty Van Tassel:

I meant what I said yesterday about the exceptional way you made everyone so comfortable and SEEN yesterday. There were a lot of people present and you addressed them all by name. Both you and (Case Manager) Jackie (Hail) showed an ownership of your jobs that any employer would envy. I once flew on Southwest next to a VP of Operations and told her how impressed I was with how Southwest employees treated everyone.  She said: “Our philosophy is to hire for attitude — we can teach and train everything else.”  That simple approach was clearly used by the firm in latching onto you and Jackie. My clients and I were all really impressed and you need to know that attitude is contagious and you are a carrier. Thank you!

- Lawyer in a mediation involving two deaths and a serious burn injury

Judge (Philip Reich) and (case manager) Alexis (Wilson) – I have mediated cases across nearly half the states and you are amongst the finest and best I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

- An Austin, Texas, Attorney

In one of my cases, we received an order from (the judge) last week ordering us to mediate by this Tuesday, On short notice, less than an hour, John Lurvey not only agreed to immerse himself and learn the file but he successfully got the case resolved with a very difficult client who had previously refused to negotiate in a reasonable fashion.

I highly recommend John, who is very responsive, well-liked by both sides of the bar and a consummate professional.

- Florida Bar Board Certified Trial Attorney