How Professionalism Can Help in a Negotiation

Mediation Counsel Howard R. Marsee Mediation Counsel Howard R. Marsee

Writer and mediator Howard R. Marsee knows more than a thing or two about professionalism, and he is sharing in a big way this month. First, he has published an article titled "Reflections: Professionalism as a Tool of Negotiation" in the fall 2015 edition of The Professional, a publication of the Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism (please see Page 8).

On Monday (Sept. 21, 2015), Howard will follow up by presenting the latest in Upchurch Watson White & Max's CLE Webinar series. The program, "Negotiate This! Common Negotiating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them," asserts:

"Negotiation is persuasion,
  • "Not combat
  • "Not intimidation
  • "Not bullying
  • "Not badgering
  • "Not shouting
  • "Not insulting
  • "Not sulking

"No one wants to make concessions to a jerk."

He and moderator A. Michelle Jernigan, a shareholder with the mediation group, will explore the traits of the skillful negotiator, the key elements of the "the deal," the importance of a draft agreement in a complex case and other aspects of negotiating an agreement as a professional.

Howard's article in The Professional is an ideal precursor to Monday's Webinar. "Above all, every great negotiator has,over the course of their practice, developed a reputation for integrity, honesty, candor, and fair dealing," he writes. "They know that their success or failure as a negotiator began long before they met their current client. They understand that their reputation is an integral cog in the machinery of negotiation -- in their ability to obtain the best results for their client."

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