What Types of Cases are Best to Take to Mediation?

Richard Lord continues our Q&A supplement to our recent webinar, The Ten Most Common Questions Asked About Mediation. Please feel free to respond to the blog or contact us directly with your questions or comments.

  Kimberly Sands, Richard Lord, and Sandy Upchurch


What Types of Cases are Best to Take to Mediation?

If negotiation is difficult without an intermediary, that’s a good case to mediate.  Of course, those where mediation is a condition precedent and where trial or arbitration is approaching are good to mediate as well. 

Mediating pre-suit can allow the parties to save the most time and money and can be just as effective as mediating during litigation, but care should be given to acquire and exchange information cooperatively so that sufficient information is available for the decision makers to do their analysis and make reasonable assumptions. 

Where the interests of multiple parties are not easily brought into alignment, mediation is a smart choice.

Richard Lord

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