I Never Thought of it That Way...Spillover Parking

Spillover parking need not be avoided and perhaps in this economy should be encouraged so says Michael Lewyn in his article, When Spillover Parking Isn't So Bad.

As a mediator I am constantly trying to think outside the box, constantly trying to fit that square peg in a round hole and constantly trying to switch perspectives in my eternal hunt for resolution. I love it when someone helps me look at something a different way. Michael Lewyn has done just that.

Lewyn’s article can and should be kept in the tool-belt of local government planners and administrators and indeed can be a useful tool for those of us in the field of alternative dispute resolution. In this economy, parking in one location to access a business at another nearby location may very well help our economy. After all if you park at the local pet store because your doctor’s parking lot is full, aren’t you more likely to pick up that cat litter or fish food that you have been meaning to pick up? Businesses are often required to accommodate the maximum number of customers/clients that they could possibly have in any given hour. However, how often is that maximum actually realized? Perhaps it would cut down on development costs to allow the developer to install slightly less parking and perhaps the real benefit would be to neighboring businesses. Perhaps...

- Sandra C. Upchurch

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