On Perfecting the Arbitration Submission

Shareholder Richard Lord Shareholder Richard Lord

Help your client save money and help focus your arbitrator's attention by avoiding unnecessary, disorganized and duplicative submissions. When you meet with opposing counsel in advance of the final arbitration hearing to review issues, witness lists and exhibits, put together a core evidence compilation that will serve as the primary evidentiary submission.
Having multiple parties submit the same evidence, perhaps in different order or form, can needlessly extend the time needed for review of the evidence, thus driving up arbitration costs. Where there are disagreements about what is to be submitted, coordinate and submit only one version of what you can. Taking the time to do that will not only reduce costs, it will also help in your preparation, and aid in the development of stipulations as to issues in dispute, issues not in dispute, and facts not in dispute.
As a  result, your arbitration will be more streamlined and cost effective.
For more on arbitration, stay tuned for an upcoming Webinar presented by Richard, Michelle Jernigan, and The Honorable George Sprinkle.

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