Florida Mediator Sandy Upchurch to Speak for Law Students Monday

Florida Mediator Sandy Upchurch Sandy Upchurch is a mediation panelist for Upchurch Watson White & Max.

Mediator Sandy Upchurch will give a presentation at Florida Coastal Law School in Jacksonville on professionalism in mediation on Monday, April 14, 2014.

She will speak to Practical Professionalism students at the invitation of Duval County Judge Pauline Drake, who is an adjunct professor at the law school. The class, composed of second- and third-year law students, will learn about preparing clients for mediation and properly managing their expectations at mediation, and about productive and counter-productive behaviors Ms. Upchurch has encountered at mediation. She will give advice on how to present one's self at mediation to give the client the best opportunity to settle the case.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to address students on the topic of Professionalism in Mediation before they take their bar exam and begin their legal careers," she says. "Mediation and negotiation in some form have become the primary source of resolution for civil and criminal cases in Florida.  The more we prepare new lawyers on how to negotiate and compromise with integrity, the better off our entire profession will ultimately be.

"Professionalism should be the most important component of our practices and the fact that we have quality professors like Judge Drake and law schools like Florida Coastal offering this class gives me great hope for the conduct of our future 'attorneys-to-be'."

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