Florida mediators producing monthy free-CLE Webinars for 2014

UWWM makes use of GoToWebinar technology to deliver a rich teleconference experience to attendees. UWWM uses GoToWebinar technology to deliver a rich teleconference experience to attendees.

Upchurch Watson White & Max's team of Florida mediators has slated a year's worth of monthly Webinars, which began with an offering from shareholder Richard Lord titled "What Is Going on in the Other Room?" on interpreting and dealing with delays during the mediation conference.

On Feb. 18, firm principal Larry Watson plans to offer “The Florida Litigator's Dispute Resolution Toolbox: Creative ADR Applications,” a wide-ranging look at the state's many available dispute resolution options. For details on this Webinar, please click here.

The remainder of the presenters and topics follows:
  • March – Rod Max will present on the topic of class actions and mass claims.
  • April – Michelle Jernigan, "Your Client's Brain in Mediation."
  • April – Sandy Upchurch and guests will discuss "Leaning In."
  • June – John Upchurch's  subject will be arbitration.
  • July – Sandy Upchurch will speak on mediating with governmental entities.
  • August – Sam Heller will present on the topic of voluntary trial resolution.
  • September – Bob Cole's topic will be ethical advocacy.
  • October – Sandy Upchurch's presentation will be on women lawyers “Leaning In.”
  • November – Chuck Mancuso, "Negotiating the Ultimate Settlement."
  • December – Judy Bass, "The Importance of Choosing the Right Mediator.

Sandy Upchurch, who is presenting in July in October, is also manager of Upchurch Watson White & Max's Webinar program. "We have had as many as 650 attend our online presentations and the requests for topics and more material keep coming in. We truly enjoy engaging with our clients in this manner and are proud of the quality of material we are presenting," she says. "We hope to continue this webinar tradition long into the future and continue to seek new ideas and new technologies for getting our message out to the legal community – alternative dispute resolution in all its forms is an effective, efficient and satisfying way to way to resolve conflict.”




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