Florida Mediator Advises, Work Hard, Play Hard

Florida mediator to get a taste of Antarctic cold. Glaciers and penguins are on the horizon for this mediator.

Florida mediator John J. Upchurch John J. Upchurch

Few will disagree that the practice of law is a stressful profession with myriad challenges, ranging from attracting enough business and overseeing operations to dealing with clients, opposing counsel and judges who can drive one to the edge of despair.

Finding a countervailing balance in life also is a challenge. I thoroughly enjoy my practice, my colleagues, my clients and their often fascinating clients and issues and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Nevertheless, to retain one’s sanity, there has to be a release. Mine is international travel. Fortunately, my wife, Karen, is on the board of Virtuoso, the nation’s leading upscale travel consortium, and is a career travel adviser. Through her company, we travel several times a year, often to exotic locales. For instance, early this December, we’re leading a few couples to Buenos Aires and on to Antarctica aboard the Silverseas Silver Explorer, a smaller expedition ship.

This “Bucket List” trip will give us a great reward for keeping our “shoulders to the wheel” all year, and give us stories that should last well into next year.

Friends often ask about joining us. The last we heard, cabins were still available. Let me know should you wish further information. And we’ll be home for Christmas!

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