Response to Health Care Challenges: National Health Care & Life Sciences Panel of Neutrals Named

Larry Watson and John Upchurch

Tapped by CPR Institute


As health care litigation continues to rise, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution's (CPR) members are increasingly seeking highly-qualified mediators and arbitrators specializing in life sciences and health care-related disputes. 


To meet this need, CPR has just announced a Health Care & Life Sciences Panel of neutrals expert in these matters, including disputes involving health care entities, hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and other providers, collaborative arrangements, managed care and HMOs, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.  The panel also includes neutrals with experience in intellectual property related to health care and the life sciences, clinical trials, R&D and bioethics.  Among the panel's 25 neutral experts from throughout the U.S. are Florida-based mediators Lawrence M. Watson, Jr. and John J. Upchurch of Upchurch Watson White & Max.


To fulfill its mission, CPR is engaged in an integrated agenda of research and development, education and advocacy.  It is also the leading proponent of self-administered ADR and serves as an appointing authority for parties in need of neutrals.  Upchurch Watson White & Max have been CPR members and participants since their formation in 1997.


The CPR Institute is a nonprofit organization based in New York City .  Its mission is to spearhead innovation and promote excellence in public and private dispute resolution, and to serve as a primary multinational resource for avoidance, management and resolution of business-related and other disputes.


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