Florida Mediators to Speak at Florida Bar Annual Convention

The goal of mediation is to manage or resolve a problem that has escalated into litigation. At some point litigation takes on an ugly and seemingly independent life of its own. Mediation is an opportunity to put the conflict into a broader and healthier context.

Florida mediator John Upchurch John Upchurch

A June 26 presentation at The Florida Bar Annual Convention in Boca Raton -- by John Upchurch and Sandra Upchurch, both of Upchurch Watson White & Max -- will focus on the attitudes, skills and approaches that subtly convert the exercise to realizing the other side is really a partner in resolving a dispute.

Both parties have an interest in avoiding the commitment of years to lawyers, costs, anger and uncertainty. "We will focus on appropriate mediation objectives, preparedness and communication skills; assessment of external factors; influence of outside relationships; case analytics; and developing habits of thinking that will provide a template for effective mediation advocacy" says John Upchurch, founder, principal and CEO of the mediation group.

Florida mediator Sandra Upchurch Sandra Upchurch

Mediation counsel Sandra Upchurch promises "Mediation Advocacy– What Works and What Doesn’t" will be a freewheeling, engaging and perhaps PowerPoint-free session between 2 and 5 p.m., as part of the Wednesday "A.I.M. Mediation: Advocacy, Impasse & Marketing" presentation. This CLER program is worth maximum general credit of 3.5 hours, with 2.5 hours counting toward ethics and civil trial certification credit of 2.5 hours.

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