Harvard Professor Addresses ABA Dispute Resolution Section's Conference

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Friday, at our ABA DR Section Spring Conference in New York City, attendees heard from Francesca Gino of the Harvard Business School. Professor Gino spoke on the science of making better decisions, and her talk highlighted the importance of being aware of how we make decisions and to deal with factors that can derail sound decision making. Brain science is important as we are hard-wired in certain ways, and I direct you to my colleague Michelle Jernigan's related webinar on brain science to learn more.

Also this morning, Texas A&M University School of Law was awarded the ABA Representation in Mediation Competition Championship trophy. Again, as a judge, I saw firsthand how law schools are preparing students to serve as effective advocates in mediation. All teams that made the finals in New York had worked hard to advance out of their regional competitions.

The learning has continued today with programs this morning, including mediation of storm-water and flooding disputes, the processing of emotion, lawyers helping heal communities, client perspectives, training, and arbitration. This is just a sampling.

And before lunch, I was privileged to lead a discussion on reflective practitioner groups. Through this, we will learn how mediators can help mediators become better mediators.

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