HOA, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day!

With his recent article regarding homeowners associations St. Petersburg Times reporter Rodney Thrashreminds us of the role mediation can play in reducing the costs of litigation and restoring or repairing broken relationships in deed restricted communities.
Oftentimes matters can be talked through if you can just get people to the table and create an environment that requires them to listen to each other and allows them to truly hear each other possibly for the first time. These facilitated meetings need not be ordered by a judge after litigation has been initiated but rather should be mandated in the covenants of deed restricted communities. If you have a homeowners association issue that needs resolution consider turning to a local mediator for a resolution before filing that lawsuit because oftentimes once you cross that threshold into litigation there is no turning back and what relationship there was is often irretrievably broken.
Mediation is not an intimidating process – here is a brief podcast created by the Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group which explains what a mediation is and what it is not - have your home owners association join in the conversation and give mediation a chance…

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