Privacy Matters

When public figures and personal tragedies collide it does not take long for the voyeurs of the world to attempt to gain access to photos of grim crime scenes or autopsies. In fact, in this world of instant news the tragedy need not be of public nature but rather just grisly enough to spike interest in whatever photos may be accessible.

Well, although in our country we do hold close to our hearts the freedom of the press, that freedom does have some limitations as Jon Mills tells us in Privacy: The Lost Right. Jon was consulted regarding the issue of privacy in the face of public tragedy for a blog at

Jon Mills is a highly respected member of the Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group. He served as Founding Director of the Center for Governmental Responsibility at the University of Florida College of Law from 1973 - 80 and from 1988 to present and was Dean from 1999-2003. He was elected to the Florida Legislature in 1980, serving as Speaker of the House from 1987 - 88.

Mills has advised families such as the Versaces and the Earnhardts in their efforts to keep private those graphic photos that would have been so heart wrenching to see coldy displayed by the media.

- Sandra C. Upchurch

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