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Fall 2008, Volume II, Issue 1

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Privacy: The Lost Right
CGR Director Jon Mills recently completed a new book. Mills’ book, entitled PRIVACY: THE LOST RIGHT, was published in August, 2008, by Oxford University Press. Mills cautions that the right of privacy is disappearing in todays society. He describes the evolution of legal theory of privacy and remedies to protect privacy. The book compares the evolution of those legal theories to the revolution in technologies, cultural habits, governmental policies, and economic incentives that support an intrusive society. PRIVACY: THE LOST RIGHT chronicles decreases in privacy caused by government, the modern press, data brokers and private individuals and by individuals general lack of understanding about todays intrusive world. He uses specific cases dealing with press, government, and citizen intrusion to provide a vivid context of harm caused. He also uses cases in which he was an attorney and provides insights on those cases and the actual impacts of intrusions. Ultimately, Mills concludes protections for privacy have failed and the vast majority of the public is under-informed about intrusions.

10th Anniversary of Poland Center
The Center for American Law Studies, a joint Polish-American program directed by CGR, celebrated its 10th anniversary in June with graduation ceremonies and a comparative law seminar featuring top UF law scholars. The Center is a joint program of UF law and Warsaw University in Poland. More than 1,100 upper level Polish law students have graduated from the certificate program, taught by UF faculty; and twenty-three of those students have completed UFs LLM program in comparative law. Center Director Ewa Gmurzynska organized the anniversary activities to commemorate the programs contribution to exchange programs, enrichment courses, internships abroad, and increased comparative law scholarship. Keynote speaker for the activities was Miami attorney and distinguished UF law alum Andrew C. Hall of Hall, Lamb & Hall, P.A.

Fred Levin Tours Poland
Center Distinguished Pensacola Attorney Fred Levin, namesake of the Levin College of Law, visited and toured the Center for American Law Studies at Warsaw University, hosted by Director Ewa Gmurzynska. Levin, accompanied by members of his family, met with the President of Warsaw University, Professor Malgorzata Chalasinka-Macukow, and with justices of the Polish Supreme Court.

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