Firm Announces Formation of Government Affairs Practice Group

Upchurch Watson White & Max is pleased to announce the creation of a specialty group designed to facilitate negotiations with government agencies. The Government Affairs Practice Group will guide deliberations among public and private parties to find inexpensive, early solutions to complex problems, minimizing protracted administrative or court proceedings. Primary subject areas include land use and development, public education, aviation and transportation, labor and employment issues, matters related to law enforcement, and special magistrate activity through court appointment.

In addition to mediations, the group will offer consensus building workshops, conflict assessment consultation and advice, and special magistrate services, such as serving as a discovery master by court appointment with party consent in an ongoing case.

Chaired by the firm’s president, John J. Upchurch, the team includes Dean Jon Mills, former Dean of the Levin College of Law, University of Florida, and current Director of the UF Center for Governmental Responsibility; Rodney A. Max and Michael S. Orfinger, principals of the firm; Howard Marsee and McVay "Mac" Voght, senior panelists; and Sandra C. Upchurch, former Deputy City Attorney for Ormond Beach, Florida, an associate of the firm.

“We look forward with a great deal of enthusiasm to organizing the firm’s diverse body of experience to focus on providing a versatile and comprehensive suite of resolution services to our governmental and private clients,” said Upchurch. “There is a tremendous need for ways and means to reduce costs and expedite decision making in today’s challenging environment.”

Established in 1996, Upchurch Watson White & Max has offices in Central and South Florida, as well as in Birmingham, Alabama. The firm is a leader throughout the region in promoting mediation and other forms of ADR. Firm panelists serve as court-appointed and privately employed mediators, arbitrators, special masters and third-party neutral case managers, preside over private trials, and act as consultants to business and industry, designing in-house dispute resolution systems.

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