Teaching Law School Class About Mediation

Brandon Peters brings more than two decades of experience as a highly-respected civil litigator to his mediation career, which began with a successful solo practice and continues with Upchurch Watson White & Max. He takes a data- and evidence-driven approach to resolving disputes without ignoring the all-important human factors. To schedule a mediation with Brandon, please call his case manager, Cathy McCleary, at (800) 863-1462, or visit our online calendar.

Florida Mediator Brandon S. Peters Florida Mediator Brandon S. Peters

I have always wanted to teach a law school class.  So, when the Dean of Academic Affairs at FAMU College of Law called to invite me to teach a course about mediation, I jumped at the opportunity.  After 23 years as a practicing lawyer, I am finally checking this item off of my bucket list.

I want to do an excellent job.  I want this to be one of those courses my students look back on years later and say, "I really learned something from Professor Peters."  I am a little nervous.  That is good.  I perform well when I am nervous.

I strongly believe that the best adult education is highly participatory.  Therefore, during my first week, I spent a majority of the time putting my students at ease with me and with each other.  In the process, we all got to know a lot about the students who signed up for my course.  What a superior group of people.  The diversity of their backgrounds is awesome: My class includes a retired Lutheran priest, a professional chef, a former probation officer, the Director of International Programs for a local college and the former MVP of a Division I women's basketball team.

I cannot wait to return to the classroom for Week 2.

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