Shareholder Richard Lord to Join Advisory Board of UF's Institute for Dispute Resolution

Shareholder / Mediator Richard Lord

Richard Lord, UWWM shareholder and mediator, plans to accept an invitation from Senior Legal Skills Professor Joan Stearns Johnsen to join the Advisory Board of the Institute for Dispute Resolution at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. The Advisory Board will comprise "Levin College of Law alumni whose area of practice is primarily dispute resolution whether as a neutral or a practitioner" Professor Johnsen wrote.

"The alumni members will be joined by current students, the president and vice president of the law school’s ADR teams and the president and vice president of Gators for Dispute Resolution (“GADR”) who will serve during their term," she said.

Richard and eight fellow law school alumni will serve a term of 3 years. This is the inaugural board, but plans are for the board members to begin serving on a staggered basis with three positions opening each year. There will be an organizational meeting this summer (2021) and then the group will meet twice each school year.

"I will rely on all of you for your expertise and guidance as to the direction of the institute," Professor Johnsen said. "We would like the Institute to be forward-thinking -- on the forefront of our evolving field of dispute resolution. I am appreciative of your sharing your time and talent and of your accepting this invitation."

We look forward to hearing more from Richard about the new group and its work.  


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