Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of its Special Master / Magistrate practice group.

The UWWM professionals serving on this specialty panel include John Upchurch, Howard Marsee, Michael Orfinger, George A. Sprinkel, IV and G.B. McVay Voght. This sophisticated team brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the newly formed group. 

Upchurch, firm president and CEO, as well as Orfinger, firm principal, and Marsee, firm panel member are Fellows of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM), the only national organization for special masters. ACAM membership is limited to those who have been appointed by federal and state courts to serve as special masters or magistrates. Sprinkel, who joined the firm in August, served as Circuit Judge of Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit for 32 years. Voght, panel member since 2005, has tried scores of cases in state and federal courts with extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

Special masters, known under Florida procedure as “special magistrates”, perform a wide variety of tasks. Serving various roles in pre-trial and post trial proceedings, conducting evidentiary hearings and private trials, submitting recommended orders to a presiding judge, and helping to administer class actions and settlements, are just a few of their major functions. The overall purpose of the special magistrate is to promote efficiency and economy in dispute resolution, helping to alleviate overcrowded court dockets.

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