Florida Bar flooded with foreclosure complaints

Since the fall of 2010, the Florida Bar has fielded nearly 1,400 complaints against attorneys relating to the housing crisis, an unprecedented amount that has buried investigators and forced the group to plan how it will handle massive grievances in the future. The categories - mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud, loan modification misconduct - didn't even exist three years ago, said Ken Marvin, director of lawyer regulation for the Florida Bar.

“When there is explosive growth in one area of litigation, it is hardly surprising to see a corresponding upswing in complaints against lawyers,” explained UWWM principal Michael S. Orfinger, a former Bar grievance committee member and chair, who has seen many parties file grievances “against opposing lawyers out of sheer frustration, and against their own lawyers because sometimes, there’s nothing the lawyer can do for them except perhaps delay the inevitable.  The vast majority of these complaints are almost summarily dismissed.  But if the Supreme Court is suspending and disbarring members over matters related to mortgage foreclosures, then these grievances will be with us for months or years to come.”


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