Florida ADR Team Hosts Its First Competition

Group Picture at UF Mediation Tournament A group photo taken at the tournament shows Brandon Peters (back row from left); Nick Alberto, president of the UF Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, and Stephen Holmgren, competition coordinator and vice president of intermural competitions. Kate Artman and Rachel Simpson (from left), both former members of the team but judges on Sunday; Professor Jill Womble, faculty adviser and coach; Sergio Florez, team member and former chair of Education; Victoria Jobe, chair of publicity; team member Carey Taylor; and Jeremy Skinner, current chair of education are in the front row.

Upchurch Watson White & Max panel members continue to keep tabs on the University of of Florida Levin College of Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Team as their competition schedule progresses. On Sunday, Dispute Resolution Counsel Brandon S. Peters observed the final round of a contest the team hosted.

"You and your organization hosted a wonderful weekend for the guest schools," Brandon told team President Nick Alberto afterward. "It says something positive when people travel from as far away as Montana and Buffalo (N.Y.) to attend your school's first mediation advocacy competition." (Nick sent us  a link to the video that was taken of the final round:

UWWM committed to sponsor and mentor the 4-year-old team in September 2014.



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