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Did you know that among our thirty-nine mediators, there are graduates of seventeen different law schools? More interestingly, did you that we have a published novelist, dedicated volunteers, and accomplished athletes among us? Like you, our mediators have varied pursuits outside the office and have been shaped by their experiences.  And these aspects of their lives, that make them who they are, aren’t the typical subject of what you can glean from a bio or resume. So, to learn more about our exceptional team of dedicated mediators, we are commencing what we hope you will find both informative and enjoyable. Over the coming months, Kim Sands and Richard Lord will present interviews of our mediators in our “Meet Our Mediators” blog series.

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Meet Our Mediators: Brenda J. Newman, Esq.
Meet Our Mediators: Brenda J. Newman, Esq. It takes persistence to succeed in anything meaningful. It is true in learning to play an instrument, representing clients as a trial lawyer, and serving as a dispute resolution professional. Brenda Newman, the subject of this installment of "Meet Ou... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: April Walker
Meet Our Mediators: April Walker April Walker knew she wanted to be a lawyer earlier than many and eventually decided she could best use her skills as a mediator. In this installment of “Meet our Mediators,” Richard Lord introduces us to one of the recent additions to our mediation ... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Scott Baughan
Meet Our Mediators: Scott Baughan At the center of Scott Baughan’s skills as a mediator are his keen communication insights. These were developed early on, and he brings to mediation an ability to help people hear more easily what is difficult to hear. His interest in communication, ... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Steven R. Jaffe
Meet Our Mediators: Steven R. Jaffe Steve Jaffe started his legal career as an Assistant State Attorney. In that capacity, the keen interpersonal skills he brings to mediation helped him quickly become a mentor to and supervisor of others. On the civil side, Steve first practiced insur... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Marty Van Tassel
Meet Our Mediators: Marty Van Tassel In this, our first 2018 installment of “Meet our Mediators”, we turn northward to Alabama and present shareholder George M. "Marty" Van Tassel. Marty joined UWWM in 2014 after having led the Mediation Center at Sirote & Permutt P.C. in Birmingham, Al... Read More

Meet our Mediators: Jeffrey M. Fleming
Meet our Mediators: Jeffrey M. Fleming The focus of this edition of “Meet Our Mediators,” Jeff Fleming learned the importance of trust and credibility first as a trial lawyer and then as Orange County and Ninth Circuit Judge. Resident in our Maitland office, he has developed a devoted sta... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Ricardo Cata "In this installment, we have the pleasure of presenting Ricardo Cata, who, before joining Upchurch Watson White & Max, served as a trial lawyer in South Florida for 38 years. Ricardo mediates a variety of personal injury and commercial civil litigat... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Lawrence Kolin Lawrence Kolin has a distinguished career in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has been a professional neutral for over 15 years and has served as an arbitrator, mediator, and as a General Magistrate in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. T... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Judi Lane In this blog, UWWM Principal Kimberly Sands introduces Central Florida Mediator K. Judith (Judi) Lane. "I had the pleasure of first mediating with Judi early in my career as a mediator. She was one of the most impressive negotiators I had ever seen,... Read More

Meet Our Mediators: Shelley Leinicke "Mediation allows me to use skills and experience in a new way as a neutral. I firmly believe that clients should be encouraged to try to resolve their disputes through negotiation rather than leave their fate to a judge and jury. Mediators can hel... Read More

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