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Florida Mediator Comments on First Party Bad Faith Negotiations This post follows up on “When One Party Does Not Act in Good Faith” . For more on first party bad faith, look for Ms. Sands' upcoming posts. ... Read More

Florida Mediator Proposes E-Discovery Project Management Template Diving into formal discovery involving electronically stored information (ESI) can be a daunting undertaking involving lawyers who do not trust each... Read More

Mediation: Quick-Cooking Can Be as Good as Traditional   UWWM Principal Michael S. Orfinger When I was growing up, there was amidst our pots and pans a pressure cooker.  This was indeed a... Read More

How Clients Think: The Brains Behind Decision Making, Part 2 This series of blog posts about how clients make decisions may help in guiding a client before, during and after a mediation. Some of the peculiarities of decision making can be explained at least in part by neuroscience, which had its roots not s... Read More

Florida mediator discusses importance of punctuation “The rule is: the word 'it's' (with apostrophe) stands for 'it is' or 'it has'. If the word does not stand for 'it is' or 'it has' then what you... Read More

On Perfecting the Arbitration Submission Shareholder Richard Lord Help your client save money and help focus your arbitrator's attention by avoiding unnecessary, disorganized and... Read More

How Clients Think: The Brains Behind Decision Making, Part 1 To make their work more effective and efficient, lawyers require some basic understanding of why their clients make the decisions they do and how to better respond and help. There is no need to become a neuroscientist, but some knowledge of this disc... Read More

ODR: Beyond Scratches on the Cave Walls, Part II  A leading consortium of academics, business executives, law firms and dispute resolution professionals are collaborating on a new and exciting... Read More

ODR: Beyond Scratches on the Cave Walls As recently as last year, the idea prevailed that the field of online dispute resolution is in its “scratches on the cave walls” phase. John... Read More

How UWWM Is Addressing E-Discovery’s Burgeoning Role   John Upchurch A presentation by Hon. Richard Allen Nielsen, Tampa, the incoming chair of the Florida Bar Rules of Civil Procedure... Read More

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