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Florida mediator discusses conflict by email Part 1 of 2 Email is a great invention. It allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, and it provides us with written documentation of... Read More

Florida mediator speaks at AAJ annual convention in San Francisco Rodney Max, Principal San Francisco, Calif. (July 30, 2013) -- Mediator Rodney Max, a principal with the Florida- and Alabama-based Upchurch... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Decision Tree Analysis, Bell Curves There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies, and statistics." ... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Waning of 'Big Law'
Florida Mediator Discusses Waning of 'Big Law' A senior editor has published a commentary on the waning future of the major law firm in the July 21, 2013, edition of The New Republic, based on... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Family-Owned Businesses Talk to the family, review the enterprise's present and hoped-for future, consult trusted experts to make sure you aren't caught totally off-guard,... Read More

Florida Mediator Comments on First Party Bad Faith Negotiations This post follows up on “When One Party Does Not Act in Good Faith” . For more on first party bad faith, look for Ms. Sands' upcoming posts. ... Read More

Florida Mediator Proposes E-Discovery Project Management Template Diving into formal discovery involving electronically stored information (ESI) can be a daunting undertaking involving lawyers who do not trust each... Read More

Mediation: Quick-Cooking Can Be as Good as Traditional   UWWM Principal Michael S. Orfinger When I was growing up, there was amidst our pots and pans a pressure cooker.  This was indeed a... Read More

How Clients Think: The Brains Behind Decision Making, Part 2 This series of blog posts about how clients make decisions may help in guiding a client before, during and after a mediation. Some of the peculiarities of decision making can be explained at least in part by neuroscience, which had its roots not s... Read More

Florida mediator discusses importance of punctuation “The rule is: the word 'it's' (with apostrophe) stands for 'it is' or 'it has'. If the word does not stand for 'it is' or 'it has' then what you... Read More

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