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Florida Mediator Asks, 'Can We Talk?' Sometimes, in the business world, mediation presents another invaluable opportunity – the chance for the respective decision-makers to talk directly to one another under the shroud of mediation confidentiality and privilege. Provided the parties hav... Read More

Mediation: Quick-Cooking Can Be as Good as Traditional   UWWM Principal Michael S. Orfinger When I was growing up, there was amidst our pots and pans a pressure cooker.  This was indeed a... Read More

The Challenges of Mediating in Probate (Part 1) My last few posts have concerned “endgame” tactics to break a mediation impasse.  While I have more to say on that subject (particularly “ baseball... Read More

Is Baseball Arbitration a Viable Mediation Endgame? My last two blog posts have discussed “endgame” tactics to break a looming mediation impasse.  One such tactic is the “ Dutch Auction ”; another is... Read More

ABOUT APOLOGIES ~ PART II “Never apologize and never explain – it’s a sign of weakness.” John Wayne “An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.” Lynn Johnston With all due respect to The Duke, I don’t think he ever tried to mediate a lega... Read More