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Florida Mediator Discusses What's Going on in the Other Room Mediation is more than just what goes on between the interests, groups, sides or rooms.  It is more than the sharing, real negotiation, posturing and debate. It includes what goes on within each room. And perhaps that is the most valuable part of the... Read More

Florida Mediator Blogs About the Challenges of Probate In Part 1 of this post , I stressed how important it is for the mediator and the parties’ attorneys to recognize the combination of emotions clients... Read More

Florida Mediator Says It's Battle of Sexes in Conference, Too As the number of lawyers in Florida approaches 100,000 and the number of women graduating from law school begins to exceed that of male graduates, I... Read More

Florida Mediator Reflects With Pride on Bar President The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and other media outlets have covered Eugene K. Pettis' journey to the position of president of The Florida Bar.... Read More

Florida mediator discusses conflict by email Part 2 Part 2 of 2: For the first part of this post, please click here . Emails are useful when you need a record of an interaction, when the... Read More

Florida mediator discusses conflict by email Part 1 of 2 Email is a great invention. It allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, and it provides us with written documentation of... Read More

Florida mediator speaks at AAJ annual convention in San Francisco Rodney Max, Principal San Francisco, Calif. (July 30, 2013) -- Mediator Rodney Max, a principal with the Florida- and Alabama-based Upchurch... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Decision Tree Analysis, Bell Curves There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies, and statistics." ... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Waning of 'Big Law'
Florida Mediator Discusses Waning of 'Big Law' A senior editor has published a commentary on the waning future of the major law firm in the July 21, 2013, edition of The New Republic, based on... Read More

Florida Mediator Discusses Family-Owned Businesses Talk to the family, review the enterprise's present and hoped-for future, consult trusted experts to make sure you aren't caught totally off-guard,... Read More

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