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As a member of The Florida Bar since 1994, Sandy Upchurch has a broad base of litigation experience that allows her to effectively mediate a wide range of disputes. To schedule a mediation with Sandy, please visit our online scheduling page or call her case manager, Mary Lou Struble, at 800-264-2622.

Question: Can the parties go into mediation before filing for a dissolution of marriage? If so, how do you get them on board?

Florida Mediator Sandy Upchurch Florida Mediator Sandy Upchurch

 Sandy Says ...

Yes, the parties can go into a mediation before filing for dissolution and this can be a very effective way to cut the costs of a typical divorce proceeding.

To get the parties on board I suggest you cut right to the heart of the matter that is important to both parties – their money. If they get a mediated agreement with little if any court involvement, court time and legal fees, their divorce costs will be a fraction of what they would otherwise incur, which puts more money on the table to be discussed.

Sometimes pre-petition mediations are conducted with both parties represented by counsel, and sometimes the parties go to a mediation pre-petition with no lawyers at all.

What do you say???

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