Free E-book Tells How to Choose the Best Mediator

Upchurch Watson White & Max is wrapping up Mediation Week by offering yet another complimentary resource on its Website. The most recent addition is an e-book, How to Select the Best Mediator, written by UWWM Dispute Resolution Counsel Brandon Peters. This e-book contains valuable input from other highly-experienced legal professionals.

Pages from HOW TO SELECT THE BEST MEDIATOR V2 How to Select the Best Mediator emphasizes the importance of appointing the most suitable mediators for individual cases and provides some basic information about the institution of mediation from the lawyer’s viewpoint. It helps clarify often confusing issues regarding the best mediation approaches and styles for specific types of legal disputes; it also offers insight into the personal and professional characteristics the most successful mediators have in common.

The author’s research reveals the emergence of a national trend toward the acquisition of new skills by professional mediators – particularly state-of-the-art negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills; it also reveals an emerging recognition of the role game theory plays in mediation. Practicing neutrals report that their improved skill sets yield more satisfying outcomes in even the most challenging cases. You will find more information about these and other useful topics in this e-book.

How to Select the Best Mediator is the product of a community effort by attorneys, judges and mediators who share their “war stories,” advice and suggestions. Many people left their marks on this e-book, making it the valuable tool it has become to legal professionals around the world.

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