More foreclosure fallout...

I have blogged on numerous occasions about the mess that foreclosures create for neighborhoods and local government code enforcement/neighborhood improvement departments because of the blight caused by un-maintained, abandoned properties.

I blog about these local government issues as it appears that no one else is and because I used to work with local government I know how important it is to share information so that agencies don’t reinvent the wheel each time a new problem arises.

Well, pay attention county and municipal agencies! It appears St. Paul has had enough and has passed an ordinance requiring mortgage-holders to step up to the plate and maintain those vacant properties. See:
Bravo, St. Paul. Now we have to wait to see how effective these new ordinances are and how many other communities follow suit.

As far as this issue is concerned, in my opinion we have hit rock bottom and there is no where to go but up…

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