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Bracketology - The Art and Science of Bracket Negotiations

Lawrence M. “Larry” Watson, Jr., a founding principal of Upchurch Watson White & Max, recently conducted a survey of members of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators (a nationwide group of highly skilled dispute resolution professionals) along with members of our own UWWM panel seeking their experiences with bracket negotiations. Larry compiled the results, added a number of personal insights and techniques he has developed over the years and produced the article that is shared here.  A “must read” for active mediators and civil litigation lawyers, his study reveals invaluable practice tips for implementing this compelling negotiation technique.

UWWM Cybersecurity Protocol for Videoconference Mediations

Upchurch Watson White & Max has established a standard protocol for all of its videoconference mediations in response to widely reported security concerns. We believe following our Model Security Protocol is the best way to preserve privacy and to protect the confidentiality of all online dispute resolution proceedings.

Documents Related to Annual 8-Hour CME/CLE, Live! Program Delivered Oct. 20, 2017

Howard Marsee's selected bibliography: Language as a Tool of Conflict Resolution

"Designing the Mediation" by Rodney A. Max

"Crisis (Hostage) Negotiation: Current Strategies and Issues in High-Risk Conflict Resolution"

"Life Is a Negotiation: Field-Tested Techniques in Emotional Intelligence and Tactical Empathy from an FBI Negotiator"


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