Email marketing and Providing Effective Client Service in One Package

Joshua Fruchter makes the case for a law firm email marketing program in a recent blog post at His central point is by proactively reaching out to your contacts on a regular basis with valuable content that reinforces your expertise, they'll remember you more readily when an opportunity to refer new business arises.
Fruchter notes that Stephen Seckler on his Counsel to Counsel blog entitled "Don't Be a Stranger," makes the point that it is important for service providers, including lawyers, to remain visible to past and prospective clients and referral sources. "Because while doing a good job and delivering good value are obviously prerequisites for getting more work, they are not enough to insure that satisfied clients will call you the next time they have a need (or that referral sources will continue to refer work your way). Instead, maintaining visibility through ongoing marketing to clients and other contacts is the key."
Our firm endeavors through regular blog posts, newsletters and CLE presentations to stay in close touch with our clients, and demonstrate our commitment to stay at the cutting edge of the art of negotiating effectively in the organized dispute resolution arena, and sharing these ideas with our clients. This form of client service is the best marketing tool anywhere.

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