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Pamela I. Perry Writes for the South Florida Daily Business Review To review articles by Pam Perry, click on the photos or links.  Using Living Wills to Start the (Other) Tough Conversation With Mom and Dad Mediator responds to Rodent: Present case, not just number Counsel should prep mediators on issu... Read More

How Will I Be Remembered? Messages and Metamessages
How Will I Be Remembered? Messages and Metamessages I’m in the de-clutter mode, discarding accumulated stuff to spare my survivors someday sorting through it. The poet Keith Douglas had it right: “Simplify me when I am dead.” Sending outdated professional files to the shredder has been easy, satisfyin... Read More

YOUR “NUMBER” PART TWO In his new book, “The Number”, Larry Eisenberg focuses on three building blocks to a fulfilling retirement: money, health, and happiness. In an... Read More

YOUR “NUMBER” PART ONE As we flew out of Phoenix, a flight attendant pointed to the book I was reading, "The Number" by Larry Eisenberg, former editor of Esquire magazine.... Read More

WORKLESSNESS The delightful animated movie “Wall-E” portrays a trashed and toxic Earth that is no longer habitable. Earth’s last inhabitants had escaped into... Read More

WORKING WITH FAMILY BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Reproduced with permission from CCH INCORPORATED, 2700 Lake Cook, Riverwoods, IL 60015 Journal of Practical Estate Planning, June-July 1999, p.... Read More

WOMEN KEY TO BRIGHTER FUTURE IN MIDEAST Two years ago I flew to Bahrain, an island kingdom in the Persian Gulf. I was a guest speaker at the first annual meeting of the Council of Arab... Read More

WHAT AGING CLIENTS WANT MOST: AVOIDING KING LEAR King Lear, Shakespeare's most tragic character, had a crazy estate plan. Lear would abdicate his throne, and then divide his lands among whichever... Read More

WARREN BUFFETT AND PROFESSOR POZA: IMPATIENT SHAREHOLDERS IN TRYING TIMES Economic downturn may intensify ongoing tensions between inside owner-managers and their outside inactive shareholders, particularly in family-owned... Read More

THE HAPPINESS RESEARCH The Declaration of Independence enshrines "the pursuit of happiness" as our inalienable right. But what is happiness? Who is happy? And how does one... Read More

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