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INCENTIVE TRUSTS “Medieval alchemists failed to turn lead into gold. Wealthy twenty-first century parents fear a reverse alchemy. Will their children transmute... Read More

HOMO MOBILIS: HOW WIRELESS COMMUNICATION CONNECTS AND CHANGES US In the April 12, 2008 Economist , Andreas Kluth surveys the effects of wireless communication on how we work, live, love, relate to places and to... Read More

HEALTHY WEALTH IN BUSINESS FAMILIES Reprinted from Business Entities magazine, January-February 2000. Era Warp The Modern Era began with the 17th Century Enlightenment and ended... Read More

HAPPY WORK “Work is much more fun than fun!” exclaimed actor-writer Noel Coward. Happy work is better work. Happy workers get better evaluations, more... Read More

HAPPINESS, MISERY AND WEALTH The U.S. Declaration of Independence enshrines "the pursuit of happiness" as an inalienable right. But what is happiness? Who is happy? And how does... Read More

HAPPINESS III: PURSUING JEFFERSON'S HAPPINESS TODAY What did Thomas Jefferson mean by "the pursuit of happiness" when he penned it into the Declaration of Independence as an inalienable right? In a... Read More

HAPPINESS II: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Martin Seligman, the founder of "positive psychology" 1 , is the most influential psychologist of our day. Findings from his "happiness research"... Read More

HAPPINESS AS A SURVIVAL SKILL According to anthropologists, our brain architecture has changed little during the past 250,000 years. Our brains still carry strong primal survival... Read More

HANGING ON, LETTING GO, OR "LETTING GROW" Some thirty years ago, an anxious parent removed the training wheels from Lance Armstrong's tiny two-wheeler. No doubt Lance wobbled, fell a few... Read More

FRIENDSHIPS A recent photo of President George W. Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah attracted wide attention. President and Prince were holding hands. This... Read More

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