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What’s Happening in the Other Room? Is It Really ‘Not Your Problem?’ Approved 1.0 Hrs. General FL Bar CLE Credits Course #2310946N until 5/31/2025 Presented by: Scott R. Schomber and Bo Dennis November 13, 2023 View This Webinar Mediators, please note: If you are applying for CME, you can take a screenshot of... Read More

Risk Assessment in Mediation: Obtaining and Using Information for Optimal Negotiation Outcomes Approved 1.0 Hrs. General FL Bar CLE CreditsCourse # 2306856Nuntil 1/31/2025 Presented by: Howard R. Marsee. July 19, 2023 View This Webinar To download the handout, please click here. Mediators, please note: If you are applying for CME, you ... Read More

Resolution Techniques for Construction & Personal Injury Cases Used in Recent Catastrophic Events Approved 1.0 Hrs. General FL Bar CLE CreditsCertification: Construction Law: 1.0/Civil Trial: 1.0  Course #2302995N until 9/30/2024 Presented by: Barry Davis and Mark Boyle March 29, 2023 View This Webinar Mediators, please note: I... Read More

Why It’s Almost Always Better to Mediate Approved 1.0 FL Bar General CLE CreditCourse #1606056N until 2/28/2018Presented by: Lawrence Kolin and A. Michelle JerniganAugust 31, 2016View This Webinar A reminder: These are large files and may take minutes to download; please, be patient. ... Read More

Why Hire a Full Time Professional Mediator? This Webinar, which was presented on March 26, 2015, explores some of the advantages of retaining a full-time professional neutral to mediate disputes. Lawyers will learn the role of subject matter expertise, mediation style and mediation philosophy ... Read More

Guess Who's Coming to Mediation
Guess Who's Coming to Mediation Viewers will learn about wide-ranging rules under the topic of attendance and authority at mediation. Presenters A. Michelle Jernigan, Lawrence Kolin and Dominic Brandy, all mediators with Upchurch Watson White & Max, are effective speakers in the ar... Read More

The Right Way to Do the Right Thing Florida mediator Robert A. Cole and civil trial lawyer Rutledge R. Liles use a series of hypothetical ethical dilemmas arising during the mediation of a “typical” personal injury case to explore what the law says, what guidelines advise and how to ap... Read More

Crafting the Effective Mediation Summary You don’t go to trial unprepared. Your judge doesn’t preside over your trial unprepared. And most cases resolve at mediation rather than trial. So, why would you go to a mediation unprepared or without preparing your mediator? Learn the who, what, ... Read More

Mediating Probate Cases to Settlement As an attorney, you can sweeten up the bitter end that probate could become for your clients. Michael S. Orfinger, Florida mediator and a principal of Upchurch Watson White & Max, will explain why the probate practice area lends itself to mediation a... Read More

Getting Ready to Mediate: A Blueprint for Success Watch this Webinar almost anywhere to earn 1.0 hours Florida Bar General CLE Credit. "Getting Ready to Mediate: A Blueprint for Success" was originally presented via GoToWebinar by our CEO and founding partner, John Upchurch, on June 23, 2014. Read More

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