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Webinar: Your Client's Brain in Mediation
Webinar: Your Client's Brain in Mediation Florida mediator Michelle Jernigan discusses the physiology and chemistry behind your client's behavior during mediation. Watch this video, "Your Client's Brain in Mediation" and earn complimentary CLE through The Florida Bar! Read More

'Lean In' With Upchurch Watson White & Max Florida mediator Sandy Upchurch hosts a Webinar that introduces and explores the concept of "Leaning In" with guests Maureen France, a Daytona Beach health-care marketing expert, and Elizabeth Schoonover, a St. Augustine attorney. Read More

Mentoring with the Masters: What's Going on in the Other Room? Florida mediator Richard Lord of Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group discusses with LaShawnda Jackson of Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell how to talk with clients about what is going on in the other room during mediation. Later this month, Richard a... Read More

Mentoring with the Masters: Bracketing in Negotiation A defendant might break an impasse by convincing the plaintiff to accept a lower negotiating range -- a bracket. A. Michelle Jernigan of Upchurch Watson White & Max and Felipe Guerrero of the Dean Mead Law Firm in Orlando, representing The Florida Ba... Read More

Anchoring in Negotiation A plaintiff's initial demand should be the highest credible claim, Florida mediator A. Michelle Jernigan of Upchurch Watson White & Max tells Holland & Knight's Amy Rigdon. The initial demand is an anchor, and that number will set the tone. Read More

Preparing Your Client Florida mediator Sandra C. Upchurch of Upchurch Watson White & Max and Orlando attorney Karen Persis reveal why clients' expectations might not always correspond with the claims in their cases and how to assure clients are emotionally ready to pe... Read More

Preparing Your Opening Comments Florida Mediator Sandra Upchurch advises on the importance of opening comments at mediation. Katherine Hurst Miller of Cobb Cole in Daytona Beach, a member of The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, joins Sandy, who is with Upchurch Watson White & Ma... Read More

Preparing Your Mediator Don’t wait unit the last minute to brief your mediator about your case, Sandra Upchurch, mediation counsel for Upchurch Watson White & Max, advises young lawyers. Ms. Upchurch and interviewer Melanie Griffin of the Dean Mead law firm in Orlando discu... Read More

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