August 2012 Blog Archive

Keys to Selecting the Right Mediator Often we hear litigators state simply that whomever the opposing lawyer selects will be fine. The theory is, "I know what we need to settle, and if... Read More

Mediation Preparation: Yes, You Should Be Preparing! Gone are the days when it is okay to walk into mediation armed only with your handy-dandy legal pad and a pen.  Actually I am not sure that was ever... Read More

End of Summer Speaking Engagements
End of Summer Speaking Engagements A number of our principals, shareholders and contract mediators are concluding their summer activities with speaking engagements around the... Read More

Dutch Auctions and Texas Shoot-Outs As my colleague Rodney Max says in his most recent blog post on the “Mediator’s Proposal”, when impasse occurs in a mediation, “it’s just... Read More

Three Common Negotiation Myths Every attorney in a mediation setting would like to be an effective negotiator.  Unfortunately, many are not particularly skilled in the art of... Read More

Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial On Sunday, July 22 nd , the old and abandoned seven story Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial was demolished by just 150 sticks of dynamite. The... Read More