Center for National Class & Mass Actions

Capitalizing on the unique experiences of a quartet of its mediators, UWWM has established the Center for National Class & Mass Actions. The Center is led by Rodney Max, Terry White, Steve Jaffe and Lance Harke, who have decades of class and mass action experience in a vast array of cases.

Those cases include consumer remedies, product liability (e.g., pharmaceutical, automotive, food groups), civil rights, employment, environmental issues, premises and property damages, as well as insurance and securities matters.

The Center has been organized to benefit the broad base of attorneys, companies, and insurers Max, White, Jaffe and Harke have had the privilege of serving throughout the United States since 1988.

The Center’s services are available for mediations, masters’ appointments, case management facilitation, and confidential consultation. Additionally, we provide CLE/program presentations in the class and mass action areas.

We look forward to serving you.

The Center for National Class & Mass Actions includes those mediators in our firm whose class action and mass action mediations are in excess of 15 percent of their practice. To inquire about their availability for any of these services, please contact our Center Administrator, Heather Lariscy at 800-264-2622 or