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Florida Mediator Advises Health-Care Companies: Heal Thyself Disputes within the healthcare system are a reality, and may become more frequent. You have seen it in your hometown no doubt, the signs of consolidation among healthcare providers. You may have been a part of one yourself. We have been in a period o... Read More

Florida Mediator Ponders Whether Sides Should Tell All
Florida Mediator Ponders Whether Sides Should Tell All Question: Is it better during mediation to just be straightforward about where you would like to end up or is it better to ease into it? Sandy Says: I believe it is better to ease into it. I think that a certain amount of processing needs to be ... Read More

Florida Mediator Advises Looking Forward in Negotiation It’s difficult to reflect back on a contract or transaction that has gone south and not think of what could have been done to prevent this outcome. Hindsight almost always reveals some language or action that could have been different, but looking ba... Read More

Florida Mediator Asks: Are You Licensed to Haul?
Florida Mediator Asks: Are You Licensed to Haul? A new post for Equine Law: From the Courtroom to the Tack Room -- We see them at every horse show we attend. Horse trailers by the hundreds; every size imaginable is being used today, from singles to converted tractor trailers. Many of those in the h... Read More

We Leave a Trail, Florida Mediator Reminds When you participate in a mediation as a party, advocate or neutral, you leave a trail. The trail an attorney or party creates within a particular mediation can be used to determine your goal or preferred path to reach that goal. Of course, signs ca... Read More

Florida Mediator Answers: What Makes a Good Negotiator? Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ... Read More

Nationally Known Mediator Uses Baseball Metaphor for Mutuality
Nationally Known Mediator Uses Baseball Metaphor for Mutuality The healthiest way to determine home plate is for the parties to negotiate toward it. The good faith negotiating that brings the parties to the ballpark can, likewise, bring them home. The key to this negotiation is mutuality, and the give and take o... Read More

Dissolution, Divorce at a Discounted Cost
Dissolution, Divorce at a Discounted Cost Money is often at the heart of the discussion between a wife and husband who are divorcing. Mediation can offer advantages, but a divorce attorney must know how to bring the parties to the table. Here are a couple of ideas from Sandy. Read More

Florida Mediator Asks, 'Can We Talk?' Sometimes, in the business world, mediation presents another invaluable opportunity – the chance for the respective decision-makers to talk directly to one another under the shroud of mediation confidentiality and privilege. Provided the parties hav... Read More

Florida mediator writes on equine law
Florida mediator writes on equine law At first it appears 773.02 provides all inclusive protection for the equine facility, owners and professionals. However, there is a hole in 773.02 large enough to drive a van of lawyers through. The five words “Except as provided in s. 773.03” practi... Read More

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