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FAMILY DIALOGUE Dialogue accesses knowledge that is otherwise inaccessible to individuals inquiring alone. Suppose the major estate asset is the family... Read More

FAMILIES ARE LIKE PORCUPINES At wedding rehearsal dinners, my wife toasts the bride and groom: “May your marriage be like two porcupines snuggling down on a cold night: close... Read More

EGYPTIAN BUSINESS FAMILIES: AN AMERICAN VIEW Reprinted from Families in Business, Mar/Apr 2004 Sensitive Americans wince at cultural gaffes committed by other Americans traveling abroad. A... Read More

DOOMSDAY MACHINE The Family “Doomsday Machine” At the climax of the cult movie “Dr. Strangelove”, the Soviet Union unleashes its “Doomsday Machine”, a destructive... Read More

DON’T MAKE MONEY A TABOO TOPIC When our older daughter was about nine, she bounced up on the bed beside me with a question: “Why do I look like you, Daddy? “Mama told me to ask... Read More

DIVIDED FAMILIES: CIVIL DISENGAGEMENT INSTEAD OF WAR "A house divided against itself cannot stand" warned Abraham Lincoln, quoting Aesop. Later, as president, Lincoln concluded that war was inevitable... Read More

CUTTING EDGE COMPANIES CULTIVATE THE “SOFT SIDE” There’s lots of buzz about the “hard side” and the “soft side” in business today. The hard side. For two centuries, “hard side” thinking has... Read More

CREATIVE SETTLEMENTS IN FIDUCIARY LITIGATION Part A - Introduction What I will say is this: The most creative fiduciary settlements always respect and often leverage the clients’ most... Read More

CORRALLING THE SOFT ISSUES Reprinted from the Journal of Practical Estate Planning, April - May 2001 Our Professional Corrals Each of us has practice boundaries beyond... Read More

BUSINESS WORLD HAS EVOLVED FROM MACHINE TO ORGANISM Powerful “soft side” waves are reshaping our familiar “hard side” business world. A soft side wave crested in the middle of my professional lifetime... Read More

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