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CAN WE BE DONE? Every once in a while I am reminded of the importance of staying in mediation beyond when you want to.  In its extreme version, wanting to be done... Read More

Understanding Family Dynamics
Understanding Family Dynamics “How can I better understand family dynamics?” First, understand family systems. Begin by reading, "Family Ties that Bind" by Roland W.... Read More

Wealth: Its Joys and Its Discontents ~ The Boston College Survey
Wealth: Its Joys and Its Discontents ~ The Boston College Survey The Atlantic was given a preliminary peek at survey results from 165 wealthy households soon to be released by Boston College’s Center on Wealth... Read More

How Will I Be Remembered? Messages and Metamessages
How Will I Be Remembered? Messages and Metamessages I’m in the de-clutter mode, discarding accumulated stuff to spare my survivors someday sorting through it. The poet Keith Douglas had it right: “Simplify me when I am dead.” Sending outdated professional files to the shredder has been easy, satisfyin... Read More

LEARNING TO SHARE Click the link below to view the article on ... Read More

DIVORCE? NO. MURDER? YES! The late Ruth Bell Graham, outspoken wife of evangelist Billy Graham was once asked if she had ever contemplated divorcing her husband. Her reply:... Read More

YOUR “NUMBER” PART TWO In his new book, “The Number”, Larry Eisenberg focuses on three building blocks to a fulfilling retirement: money, health, and happiness. In an... Read More

YOUR “NUMBER” PART ONE As we flew out of Phoenix, a flight attendant pointed to the book I was reading, "The Number" by Larry Eisenberg, former editor of Esquire magazine.... Read More

WORKING WITH FAMILY BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Reproduced with permission from CCH INCORPORATED, 2700 Lake Cook, Riverwoods, IL 60015 Journal of Practical Estate Planning, June-July 1999, p.... Read More

WOMEN KEY TO BRIGHTER FUTURE IN MIDEAST Two years ago I flew to Bahrain, an island kingdom in the Persian Gulf. I was a guest speaker at the first annual meeting of the Council of Arab... Read More

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