Panel Members Sought for Speaking Engagements


Larry Watson

Principal Lawrence M. Watson Jr. served on a panel of presenters at the ABA Mid-Year Meeting of the Section of Dispute Resolution, Friday, February 5th at the Dolphin Hotel in Orlando. The topic “Debatable Dilemmas: Real World Mediation Ethics for Litigators and Mediators” addressed challenging mediation ethics issues such as conflicts of interest, settlement authority, and mediator’s opinions on case value. Co-presenters on the panel were Orlando mediator, Steve Sawicki and Professor Joseph Stulberg of Moritz College of Law - Ohio State University.

Gerry Le Van

UWWM’s Family Business and Wealth Mediation Practice Group chair, Gerald Le Van, will address the Estate Planning Council of Indianapolis on Thursday, February 18th at the Woodstock Country Club. His topic - “Creating a Larger Advisor Role in the Family Drama”. In Mr. Le Van’s experience, with family businesses, management succession and family governance present a formidable array of difficult family conversations and wrenching family decision-making. He feels these are the ripest arenas for expansion of family business services and incorporating these services will encourage and assist clients in getting started on estate planning.

Rod Max

Principal Rodney A. Max addressed attendees of a special seminar event “Negotiations” sponsored by the University of Alabama School of Law held at the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham in December. Max shared his knowledge on the use of strategic negotiation skills to achieve the best results in mediation.

As part of the Florida Justice Association’s SeminarWeb-Live! program, on February 17th, Mr. Max will present “Ten Steps to a Successful Mediation in Preparation, Presentation and Negotiation.”

On Thursday April 8th, he is slated to speak at the ABA’s 12th Annual Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference in San Francisco, CA.  Rod will serve as a panelist with other distinguished mediators and marketing specialists taking part in the Practice Development program presentation, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?– Marketing Your ADR Practice.”

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