Governmental Affairs Mediation

Governmental entities of every sort are faced with challenges that are similar to those of private businesses but those issues are quite often complicated by circumstances that are unique to governmental entities.  Bidding processes, bonding issues, union matters, public meetings and Sunshine Law concerns are but a few examples of the wide variety of unique challenges which governmental entities must manage on a daily and ongoing basis.  Couple this myriad of obstacles with budget cutbacks and revenue shortfalls and the potential for crisis becomes very real.

Governmental Affairs Mediation Overview

To manage potential controversy and crisis in a fiscally conservative way is of vital importance to governmental entities.  This is why we are seeing a growing trend toward pre-suit governmental affairs mediation.  Governments should not take risks with taxpayer money, and undoubtedly with this in mind the movement toward settling lawsuits and potential lawsuits with governmental affairs mediation before the litigation investment becomes too great has gained real momentum in the last few years.

Governmental Affairs Mediation Experience

Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group’s panel includes many attorney mediators with significant governmental affairs mediation experience and who are well versed in the language of government, including but not limited to land use matters, aviation concerns, employment matters, community-based controversies, public records, and public meetings.  We look forward to helping your governmental entity resolve its litigation and potential litigation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible with governmental affairs mediation.