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DIVORCE? NO. MURDER? YES! The late Ruth Bell Graham, outspoken wife of evangelist Billy Graham was once asked if she had ever contemplated divorcing her husband. Her reply:... Read More

A FAMILY COUNCIL FOR THE RELATIONAL ESTATE I've been searching for an expression to describe what's most valuable to a successful business family, other than its wealth . Some suggest... Read More

A BUSINESS FAMILY IS NO EASY TASK I define a “business family” as two or more relatives who own valuable property together. A business family may be partners in a family partnership.... Read More

Egyptian Business Families: An American View
Egyptian Business Families: An American View With Egypt so much in the news, , we are reprinting Gerald LeVan's article about his experiences with Egyptian business families in Cairo. ... Read More

Grooming a Successor Autocrat? Not so Fast!
Grooming a Successor Autocrat? Not so Fast! Highly successful entrepreneurs become autocrats inside their companies. Benign sometimes, benevolent sometimes, approachable perhaps, but no one doubts who has the last word, who makes the final decision. Read More

Mediating Probate Cases to Settlement  Approved 1.5 hours FL Bar CLE Credit / Course # 2166-1 / Expires: 6/1/2012 Presented by: Michael S. Orfinger ~ Moderator, Sandra C. Upchurch /... Read More

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