Construction Mediation

For decades, Florida has been a hotbed of construction and development.  An unfortunate side effect of all this activity, in both good and bad economic times, is litigation among owners, developers, design professionals, and contractors.  Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group has a number of dispute-resolution professionals to handle both construction mediation and construction arbitration.

Construction Mediation Overview

Construction mediation can encompass a universe of disputes ranging from residential construction or repair to multi-million dollar commercial or governmental complexes.  The parties to a construction mediation are likely to go beyond owners and contractors; they are likely to include architects, engineers, multiple subcontractors, insurance carriers, and sureties.  Questions concerning the existence and primacy of insurance coverage often arise in a construction mediation, so it is not uncommon for the parties’ insurance carriers to hire coverage counsel to participate as well.  Due to the number of parties and inevitable insurance questions, a construction mediation is very often many smaller mediations combined into one.

Assuming that most clients wish to maximize gain and minimize both loss and risk, construction mediation can provide cost-effective solutions to cases that are among the most expensive to litigate.  We are dedicated to finding creative and economically sensible solutions in construction mediation matters, so that the parties can best realize their economic expectations.

Construction Mediation Experience

Our conflict resolution professionals are Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators, and many of them have extensive experience in construction mediation.  Before engaging in full-time neutral work, many of our mediators practiced in the area of construction litigation, thus giving them an invaluable background when walking into a construction mediation.