Commercial Mediation

From the earliest days of commerce, there have been commercial disputes in need of resolution.  Since the firm’s inception almost 25 years ago, Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group has provided commercial mediation services and arbitrated commercial disputes.

Commercial Mediation Overview

Commercial mediation covers a depth and breadth of dispute resolution work that defies a comprehensive definition. The parties to a commercial mediation may be individuals, business owners, banks, contractors, insurance companies, trust companies, real estate owners, governmental bodies, or any combination thereof. The cases which can be submitted to commercial mediation include such things as first-party insurance claims, breaches of contract, business torts, eminent domain, mortgage foreclosures, and real property boundary disputes. Cases of this type are often difficult and expensive to litigate. Commercial mediation can save litigants thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expense, as well as months or years of time, thus allowing the parties to resolve their dispute quickly and efficiently.

The goal of most clients is to achieve the best solution to their problem, not to have the best trial. The mediators of Upchurch Watson White & Max are trained and have the experience to bring this problem-solving philosophy to the negotiating table, with the goal of having the parties embrace it as well. Our firm is dedicated to finding creative solutions in commercial mediation matters, so that the parties may quickly and amicably put their dispute behind them.

Commercial Mediation Experience

All of our conflict resolution professionals are Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators, and all have extensive experience in commercial mediation.  Many of our mediators have taken courses from Harvard University Law School in Basic and Advanced Negotiations and are members of such organizations as the American College of Civil Trial Mediators, the Association of Attorney Mediators, the Professional Mediation Institute and the International Academy of Mediators. Others have been Board Certified in Business Litigation in their prior practices before becoming full-time mediators. Our mediators’ training, continued education, experience, and professional affiliations make them particularly well suited to handling commercial mediations.