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Florida Mediator Brandon S. Peters Mediator Brandon S. Peters

Attorneys will benefit from the free resources available on the UWWM website. One of the most important tools is the Pre-Mediation Case Summary Template, which UWWM Dispute Resolution Counsel Brandon Peters created with extensive input from other highly-experienced legal professionals.

Case information provided to a mediator before a mediation conference often tends to be cryptic, incomplete and highly positional. Mediators need quality input to formulate an effective strategy for settling a case to the satisfaction of the parties. Even the most experienced professional neutral cannot achieve a meaningful understanding of the litigants, their interests, and the fundamentals of a dispute from a single-page letter summary. Hence, the importance of pre-mediation submissions.

Attorneys who expect success in their mediated cases understand this. They treat the preparation of their clients’ pre-mediation case summaries with the gravity of dispositive motions and draft their submissions with the same attention to detail as they would an appellate brief.

There is no avoiding the significant amount of intensive effort necessary to create a comprehensive and effective pre-mediation case summary. Here is a ready-to-use template that can shave many hours off of the time normally required to produce such a document.

This form is the result of substantial feedback received from numerous attorneys, judges and mediators regarding the different categories of pre-mediation information that have proven most useful in the pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes. The form was designed to be as comprehensive as possible to serve client needs in most civil cases.

This pre-mediation case summary template is available to you in an interactive, editable .pdf format.

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