What contributes to a successful mediation?

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust has hired an attorney to assist in mediation efforts, as work continues on settling the Goose Rocks Beach litigation.  The Trust has been serving as facilitator between parties involved in the  lawsuit, encouraging collaboration and negotiation between both sides as they review the settlement plan proposed earlier this year which attempts to affirm beachfront property owners' rights while creating recreational easements to allow for continued use of the beach.

"For the community and common good, mediation will be an important part of resolution at Goose Rocks Beach," said Tom Bradbury, executive director. "In litigation, both sides lose and this case could go on for years. We're pleased to have Durward Parkinson assisting us in the effort to bring people together toward a mutually acceptable resolution."

Mediation Panelist Sandra Upchurch recounts why this case has all the hallmarks of a successful mediation:  "All the pieces are in place to make this a hugely successful mediation.  All stakeholders appear to be engaged and participating.  A lot of preliminary legwork has been done in the form of settlement packages and proposals.  And, most important is that all parties appear to be open to hearing the opinions and perspectives of others at a settlement conference.  I see good things for the future of Goose Rocks Beach and much good will moving forward.  Durward Parkinson, the mediator, is lucky to work with such a forward-thinking group."



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