High Fives to...

...our very own Sandra Upchurch. Her social media efforts on behalf of the Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group were recognized by journalist Audrey Parente on November 16, 2009 in The Volusia/Flagler Review and again on November 17, 2009 in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.
Sandy says “social media is making the world a smaller place, and I like that.” Since she began her blogging efforts at The Strategic Mediator and Local Government Charette and networking efforts on sites such as Linkedin and Twitter, traffic on the Upchurch Watson White and Max website has shot up more than 55 percent. The firm has also launched a third blog, the Wealth Mediation Blog which is enjoying tremendous online success as well.
Sandy is not the only one blogging at the firm. Michael Orfinger, Richard Lord, John Upchurch and Gerald Le Van are all actively blogging and enjoying every minute of it. Sandy speaks for the firm when she says “our favorite social media tool right now is blogging. It allows us a creative outlet that we rarely get a chance to tap into.”
Besides just tapping into her creative side, taking advantage of and experimenting with a variety of social media tools has broadened Sandy’s knowledge base as she learns mediation techniques and strategies from other mediation bloggers and allowed her to create relationships with alternative dispute resolution colleagues that she otherwise would not have had a chance to meet. She has found a mentor in Victoria Pynchon whose mediation practice is in Los Angeles, CA. “I would never even have known of Victoria were it not for her blog Settle It Now. I began regularly reading her material and was drawn to call her one day for social media tips. What I came away from that first conversation with was information about marketing, about managing myself in what is still a male-dominated field and so much more.” Sandy’s other favorite online alternative dispute resolution femme fatales are Diane Levin at Mediation Channel and Tammy Lenski at Conflict Zen and Making Mediation Your Day Job. Diane, Tammy and Victoria are the trinity of all things social media and all things alternative dispute resolution. If you need guidance about how to effectively and ethically engage in social media, you only need to look to their websites and blogs for a wealth of knowledge.
As for our Upchurch Watson White and Max Mediation Group beginning blogger, great job Sandy! Keep up the good work.

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