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Upchurch Watson White & Max is a Florida- and Alabama-based professional association of mediators. Our team of conflict resolution specialists practice in a wide range of alternative dispute resolution disciplines. Specific areas of practice include business mediation, corporate mediation, commercial mediation, arbitration and more. We also offer niche services such as multi-party, complex, malpractice and class action mediation. Please explore our site to learn more about our mediators in Florida and Alabama and the mediation services we offer.

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As an attorney, you can sweeten up the bitter end that probate could become for your clients. Michael S. Orfinger, Florida mediator and a principal of Upchurch Watson White & Max, will explain why the probate practice area lends itself to mediation and how this form of dispute resolution can help you to help your clients. During the Webinar, you will learn the most common reasons why disputes erupt over the division of an estate and how probate mediation can offer clients not only a legal solution, but also a chance to be heard and even to complete the grieving process. Get 1.5 General CLE Credits through The Florida Bar (1.0 Elder Law; 1.0 Marital and Family; 1.0 Wills, Trusts and Estates Certification Credits). The course number is announced at the conclusion of the Webinar.

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Florida Mediator Kimberly Sands

Getting to a Decision-Maker; What's Changed Since Rule 1.720(e), Fla. RCiv. Pro.?

I don’t think anyone expected Rule 1.720(e), to resolve all issues concerning authority to settle at mediation. The Rule requires the service of a statement executed by counsel or a party identifying the representative attending the mediation on its behalf having full authority to settle without further consultation with respect to all issues presented by the case and with the legal capacity to execute a binding settlement agreement on behalf of the party. [See Rule 1.720(e), Fla. R. Civ. Pro.] The undisputed benefit of the Rule is that it requires some degree of forethought and preparation by the parties and their attorneys prior to mediation. It also eliminates two steps in the process of seeking sanctions

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UWWM Celebrates 1 Year of Dedicated South Florida Offices

Upchurch Watson White & Max mediators always work anywhere their services are engaged, but we took a big step forward on Nov. 4, 2013, by opening a convenient office with roomy conference spaces in Plantation/Fort Lauderdale. We recently celebrated the anniversary of the opening of our Plantation office with a dinner at the nearby Capriccio Ristorante, and now we’ve posted a Facebook album commemorating the event.

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UWWM Press Room

U.S. Mediator Rodney A. Max

U.S. News, Best Lawyers Rank Upchurch Watson White & Max as Tier 1 Firm in 3 Metro Areas

Dispute resolution is the only thing Upchurch Watson White & Max does, and the group was recognized with “Tier 1″ rankings for its mediation and arbitration services in and around three Southeastern U.S. cities earlier this month by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers. UWWM is the only firm solely focused on dispute resolution to be recognized as Tier 1 or top ranked in both mediation and arbitration in the Birmingham metropolitan area. In the Orlando area, it was the only firm to rank at the Tier 1 level for arbitration. And, in the Miami metro, UWWM received a Tier 1 ranking for mediation.

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