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Upchurch Watson White & Max is a Florida- and Alabama-based professional association of mediators. Our team of conflict resolution specialists practice in a wide range of alternative dispute resolution disciplines. Specific areas of practice include business mediation, corporate mediation, commercial mediation, arbitration and more. We also offer niche services such as multi-party, complex, malpractice and class action mediation. Please explore our site to learn more about our mediators in Florida and Alabama and the mediation services we offer.

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This Webinar, which was presented on March 26, 2015, explores some of the advantages of retaining a full-time professional neutral to mediate disputes. Lawyers will learn the role of subject matter expertise, mediation style and mediation philosophy in the selection of a mediator. Speakers Brandon S. Peters and A. Michelle Jernigan will acquaint lawyers with conflicts of interest that are uniquely encountered when part-time mediators serve as mediators one day and as legal practitioners the next. They will identify specific conflict of interest rules for mediators under the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators and specific conflict of interest rules for lawyers under the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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"As we will present our newest panelists first, we begin with Florida State College of Law Dean Emeritus Donald J. “Don” Weidner. Dean Weidner, after a distinguished career in academia and educational leadership joined our team in August. Don has touched the lives of legal practitioners all over, thanks to a teaching career which has gone from being an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, to serving as associate professor at Cleveland State University, where he taught real estate taxation and finance among other thing, to his storied tenure at FSU, where he rose from being a visiting professor to serving as dean of the law school for almost 25 years. But what I find most fascinating and endearing is his unbridled optimism and well placed confidence. How else can you describe someone who thinks it’s a good idea to buy a 36-foot sail boat, before knowing how to sail, who then becomes a skilled and avid boater. He was not stricken with analysis paralysis, opened a door to an important part of his life, and has even written a short story about that first step. You can find it in the September 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine."
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Three Upchurch Watson White & Max mediators will speak at Mediation Institute 2016 in Orlando on Sunday, Aug. 21. They are panelists for a session titled "How Do You Deal With This? Ethical Dilemmas and Practical Quandaries During Mediation." The theme for the two-day conference, the premiere event of the Professional Mediation Institute, is "Getting the Most out of Mediation: Tips and Tools for Everyone Who Attends Mediation." The Institute is focused on educating mediators, with emphasis on evaluative mediation techniques.
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UWWM Press Room
It’s been a brief retirement for former Florida State University College of Law Dean and Alumni Centennial Professor Donald J. Weidner. Today, he officially joins the panel of neutrals at Upchurch Watson White & Max, a Florida- and Alabama-based mediation group. College of Law dean Don Weidner. Dean Weidner is a leading scholar on partnerships, fiduciary duties and real estate finance, and his mediation practice is apt to reflect those interests. He formally lists unincorporated business organizations, mortgages and mortgage substitutes, complex leasing arrangements and business disputes and breakups among his areas of expertise.
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