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ADR Section Presents 'Solutions in Seattle'
ADR Section Presents 'Solutions in Seattle' This week, Seattle hosts the 17th Annual Spring Conference of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution. This year's theme, "Solutions in Seattle" will bring together hundreds of both new and well seasoned ADR practitioners, educators, service providers,... Read More

Mediator: My Story and I'm Sticking to It
Mediator: My Story and I'm Sticking to It This year’s ABA Mediation Week will be here soon, Oct. 12 through 18. Lawyers, dispute resolution professionals, companies, academic institutions, communities, families and organizations of all shapes and sizes will celebrate mediation during that we... Read More

Florida Mediator Advises Health-Care Companies: Heal Thyself Disputes within the healthcare system are a reality, and may become more frequent. You have seen it in your hometown no doubt, the signs of consolidation among healthcare providers. You may have been a part of one yourself. We have been in a period o... Read More

We Leave a Trail, Florida Mediator Reminds When you participate in a mediation as a party, advocate or neutral, you leave a trail. The trail an attorney or party creates within a particular mediation can be used to determine your goal or preferred path to reach that goal. Of course, signs ca... Read More

What’s going on over there? I am often asked questions akin to, "What's going on in the other room?"  The "other room" is your counterpart in the process of mediating. ... Read More

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