Family Mediation

Through the process of family mediation, parties can craft solutions that help them move forward, with agreements that shape their relationships and preserve their assets. Mediation can take place before the filing of a case (pre-suit) or after it has already been filed. Family mediation consists of two parties – either spouses or parents in divorce or paternity cases, or family members in other conflicts concerning guardianships or other issues (our page on mediating trust, inheritance and probate matters is currently under construction). Parties in a family case can represent themselves or can be represented by an attorney. Family mediation presents a unique set of challenges, such as the emotional nature of mediating custody of children, or the financial uncertainty generated when money that supported one household is now divided between two. In some cases, there are domestic violence concerns, and in these instances, the mediators and staff are trained to ensure that all parties are safe and can mediate with self-determination.

Family Mediators:

Mediator A. Michelle JerniganA. MICHELLE JERNIGAN

Lindsay Holzhauer, Case Manager

Toll-Free: (800) 863-1462
Phone: (407) 661-1123



Rose Mercado, Case Manager

Toll-Free: (800) 863-1462
Phone: (407) 661-1123


Norma Abreu, Case Manager

Toll-Free: (800) 863-1462
Phone: (561) 533-7553


Family Mediation Overview

The most common type of family mediation case is a divorce or dissolution of marriage case, which may include some or all of the following legal issues: custody of minor children, distribution of assets (e.g. a marital home or business, or retirement funds), distribution of liabilities (e.g. joint or individual debts), alimony, child support, attorney’s fees. A paternity case, where the parents of a minor child are addressing custody and support but are not married, is also very common. Sometimes people return for an “oil change” mediation, seeking to update or modify a prior order or agreement. Family mediation can also include legal issues arising from a more extended family situation. These include family business disputes and guardianship disputes for elder and disabled family members.

Family Mediation Experience

UWWM mediators have decades of experience in helping families resolve their conflicts through mediation. All our offices have a welcoming space where people can feel comfortable and safe during a family mediation. More importantly, our senior mediation team has the requisite experience built over the years to effectively handle the most complex and emotional mediation challenge.


Family Mediation